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Universal Online Product Recovery System on Blister Pack:


  • Manual defoiling is avoided
  • Can be linked to any camera system
  • Full proof system as blister rejection link is provided for each recovered blister at the punching station
  • Universal recovery up to two track blister formats only
  • Recovery manpower is saved resulting in massive cost reduction.
  • Tablet remains in the same environment which is very crucial for some temperature sensitive products.
  • Manual contact is avoided.
  • Product quality remains unchanged hence can be reused.
  • Successfully installed on Rotovac 210 V, 230XT, BQS, Elmac 3010, EPI 2500 FB 3000, CAM, Uhlmann & Romaco lines.


  • Max speed of operation: 200 blister/min.
  • Mechanical space required for recovery fixing on guide track : 250 mm
  • Fixing area: After camera but before sealing station.
  • Principle of suction: ventury based.
  • Air consumption : 2 CFM / ventury.
  • Table storage container: Detachable with half kg storage.
  • Provision of suction on/off switch for operator easiness.
  • Additional rejection link up to forcefully reject  recovered blister
  • Cycle to cycle operation so very easy to set.



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