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Universal Blister Collator


  • Directly linked to punching station through in feed conveyor
  • Manual feeding collator can also be provided on secondary packing belts.
  • Mainly suitable for offline packing operations.
  • Servo motors are used for collation
  • Size of collator – 520 X 520 X 1100 mm.
  • Suitable up to three track blister products.
  • Min blister size for collation : 65 X 32 mm
  • Max. blister size for collation : 110 X 75 mm
  • Can be easily added in existing blister line setup.
  • Speed : 40 stack/min for stack count 10
  • Stack count is programmable up to 10.
  • Proposed collator is suitable for all flat bed & rotary forming blister machines such as BQS, 230XT, ROTOVAC, ELMACH 2300, 2500, FB3000, 3010, 3015, Romaco and many more… Existing magazines of IC 150 cartonator can be Replaced with this servo magazine. Successfully Installed at many locations.



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